January 2022

A resounding “Thanks” to local author, Casey Rislov, for visiting Crest Hill and reading her award-winning book, Rowdy Randy, to students.

Author Visit - 2022 Author Visit - 2022

Author Visit - 2022 She also took questions from children about writing and publishing and all the hard work that it takes to make a book.Author Visit - 2022

Author Visit - 2022

Casey Rislov also gave copies of her book to every classroom teacher and to well over a dozen lucky students.




Special Thanks to the Wyoming State Library and other sponsors such as Casper Sinclair and East Casper Chiropractic for their generous support.

Author Visit - 2022

Crest Hill students can hardly wait for the adventures of Rowdy Randy to continue.

Rowdy Randy Poster


Visit https://www.caseyrislovbooks.com/ for more information.

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